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ALFANO ADSGPS Professional


ALFANO ADSGPS Professional allows an extremely precise and advanced analysis of your sessions with graphics, histograms as well as advanced settings.Designed for ADSGPS (Lap and Trial), you can compare up to 3 rounds from different sessions with all the curves and data of the samples from your sensors.You will also be able :
- to export your sessions by email, Bluetooth, Skype, etc. to other Smartphones/Tablets- change your sessions- make screenshots- share your performances on Facebook & Twitter- export your rounds in CSV format for a PC analysis- filter your tracks & drivers, create championships- zoom on parts of the track- change your colors - and even more...
Connection by:- Bluetooth- USB*
Optimized with Android starting from Version 4.0.0New functionalities will come.
(*for the PROIIIevo with the adapter OTG and the ALFANO USB cable A-4220)